BurMac has teamed up with IA Life to ensure you take the time to think about whether you have enough life cover.

The Australia Investment and Financial Services Association of Australia recently showed that only 4% of Australians with dependent children had a sufficient amount of life insurance*

Whist most working Australians have some life Insurance Cover through their superannuation many do not nearly have enough to do what is really required- pay off the mortgage and other debts and create an ongoing income stream for your families future living expense.

IA Life now offer Life Insurance with trauma and total and permanent disability options, as well as guaranteed acceptance for eligible applicants for Accidental Death & Funeral & Final expenses Insurances.

With IA Life you can:

✓ Get a quote and take out Life Insurance cover in minutes
✓ Apply for $100,000 up to 1.5 million of Life Insurance and Terminal Illness Cover
✓ Get quick cover with no complicated forms – No medicals or blood tests
✓ Get Competitive pricing – They have lowered their costs and passed the savings onto you
✓ Get Secure life Insurance Cover – Which can be maintained regardless of changes to the insured member’s health, occupation or pastimes

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