BurMac Financial Services is committed to building personalised relationships with every customer we serve. We offer competitively priced products to give you peace of mind in adequacy and content. Whether you need help creating a profitable, productive and safer workplace or protection for your home or motor vehicle, we will provide you with a wide choice of covers for your specific needs and unmatched value for your money.

Our insurance products include

Workers Compensation – Without proper coverage, you could be facing major financial trouble from an employee being hurt on the job. We can provide you with the Workers Compensation cover you need to protect your employees and your business.

Home and Contents – Your home is the most significant investment you will ever make. Without adequate coverage, your home and possessions are at risk. Let us ensure that you are covered in the event of a catastrophe.

Tailored Farm and Crop Insurance – As a farmer, you know that you are at the mercy of the elements, and you also know the financial hardships that can occur when poor weather rears its ugly head. We can cover your farm and crops to give you peace of mind when the unthinkable happens.

Business – You have so much to lose if your commercial property suffers from damage or loss. We can write a policy that will protect your business interests and keep things rolling the way you need them to.

Motor Vehicles – Your car gets you to school, to work and everywhere else you need to go. With the right coverage, you will never be without your vehicle for long. Give us a call when you need proper coverage for your motor vehicle.
No matter what your insurance needs may be, we have the covers you need. Contact us today.

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